3° International Biennial of Children's Painting


 Musée de peinture de saint-Frajou


The 3rd International Biennial of Children's Painting will be presented at 31 Summer Notes Festival of Savères, Haute-Garonne, France, 16 julay 2016

The subject of the 2018 Biennale: Illustration of a tale or legend of your country
mascot of the 2018 Biennale: the Parrot (contest in 2017)


                              1° group - 12 to 14

1° Award


Simion Cristina Maria


Focsani, Romania


2° Award


Li-Ting, Lee

Taipei, Taïwan


3° Award

Stefania Mingu


Berati, Albania



Jury members

Jean-Claude Barousse, président des amis du musée


Gérard Lartigue, sculptor
Philip Makin, architect
                                                           William Massias photographer
                                                            Ksenia Milicevic, painter


                             2° group - 6 to 11 

1° Award


Zi-Shan, Ruan




2° Award

Serova Ekaterina


Nizhny Novgorod, Russia


3° Award

Damjan Kosanovic


Pula, Croatia


We thank all the children for their participation. The work is of excellent quality and all participants deserve a prize.



To see awards, see the country participants pages


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The jury has not selected the works that were off topic or for reasons of age,
but all children will receive the diploma.


The International Biennial of Children's Painting participates with Museum Children EBook at The Bologna Children's Book Fair, on the stand of the CALABRIA (not far from that of China) on 4 April at 14,30 and

6 April at 10.30 with EBook: fantastic voyage at the International Biennial of Children's Painting of Saint-Frajou written by Bartolomeo Masterly and directed by Museum Children EBook.


International Biennial of Children's Painting takes place at Saint-Frajou Painting Museum in even years. The Biennial was founded in 2012 as a symbolic bridge between the Painting's Museum of Saint-Frajou and the former village school in which the museum is located. Between the biennials, contest for the mascot of the next biennial is organized according to biennial's subject.


                      Traditional architecture in your country








 Beaver Imhotep, mascot Biennial 2016 (Tanaya Petrova, Bulgaria)

See : Site conteste mascot

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Saint-Frajou Painting Museum is created in 2010.
It is situated in the building of the former school in the entrance of the square of the village.


31230 Saint-Frajou


                                                                                                      Site of the Biennial 2014

                                                                                                      Site of the Biennial 2012

                                                                                                      Site of the mascot 2015


               International calls for children

47ème exposition artistique internationale des enfants des écoles
Tous les jeunes du monde entre 6 et 15 ans sont invités à participer à la 47ème exposition artistique internationale des enfants des écoles qui aura lieu à Taipei du 14 au 27 septembre 2016. Chaque participant peut proposer une oeuvre n’excédant pas 55 x 40 cm, avec un maximum de 60 participants par pays. Les oeuvres proposées (peinture à l’huile, aquarelle, dessin, pastel, collage, etc...) doivent être adressées à l’Association taiwanaise pour l’Education par l’Art avant le 25 avril 2016.
Toutes les informations et le formulaire d’inscription sont disponibles en anglais à l’adresse suivante : http://www.kaearoc.org.tw/html/   see here the english version