Mascot drawing competition

Competition for the mascot of the 5th International Biennial of  Painting

                                            Mascot of the Biennale : squirrel named Sandy


Opening of the Mascotte Contest page on this site on May 18, 2019





In 2012 the mascot was an owl called Kaie.





In 2014 the mascot was a panda called Tenzin and the theme for the biennal was animals in danger of extinction.

Gamze Tunçer, 13 ans, Turquie





In 2016 the mascot was a beaver and the theme is traditional architecture.

  Tanaya Petrova, Bulgarie, 6 ans





In 2016 the mascot was a parrot


Eva Pogacnik, Slovenia


ARTICLE 1. theme


Design for the « squirrel » mascot for the 5° Biennale.


ARTICLE 2. participation rules


Open to all children, ages 6 to 14.


No entry fee. Each child is allowed to submit one design by email.



ARTICLE 3. deadline


Email must arrive in the museum mailbox before

midnight, Wednesday May 1°, 2019


e-mail :


or to :


Musée de Peinture de Saint-Frajou


Le barry


31230 Saint-Frajou, France


ARTICLE 4. the following information sent with each entry.


Family name, first name




Land address complete with appropiate city and country postal codes.


Email address


ARTICLE 5. awards


Besides chosing which design will be the official « mascot », a total of three trophies will be awarded by a special jury .


All entries will be posted on the museum site and all children will have the diploma of participation



The theme of the 5° International Children's Painting Biennial (2020) is

Tree my friend

That's why we chose the .squirrel

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