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5 ° International Biennial of Children's Painting - April      2020     Subject - My Friend Tree

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 Nuit européenne des musées 2019 : Occitanie Nuit européenne des musées 2019 : Occitanie


May 18 at 6 pm - Video Screening of the Sandy Mascot contest at the Saint-Frajou Museum

Mascote Sandy 2020

Melina Cala, 13 ans, Albanie



In 2016 the mascot was a parrot called Shéhérazade.


Eva Pogacnik, Slovenia   




In 2016 the mascot was a beaver called Imhotep and the theme is traditional architecture.

  Tanaya Petrova, Bulgarie, 6 ans






In 2014 the mascot was a panda called Tenzin and the theme for the biennal was animals in danger of extinction.

Gamze Tunçer, 13 ans, Turquie






In 2012 the mascot was an owl called Kaie.


31230 Saint-Frajou, France

Saint-Frajou is located in the Comminges,
35 km north-east of Saint-Gaudens and 7 km from l'Isle-en-Dodon.
The painting museum of Saint-Frajou is at the location of
the old communal school, in the center of the village, very close to the
main square and the town hall.


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              Biennale 2014

              Biennale 2016                                                                                  Concours mascotte 2015  

              Biennale 2018                                                                                  Concours mascotte 2017


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