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Call for very young artists

Transfer of the Biennial

from  the Painting Museum of Saint-Frajou

to the Médiathèque de Savères (31370, France)

From 1 ° November 2019 the International Biennial of Children's Painting is transferred from the Painting Museum of Saint-Frajou, its place of foundation, to its new headquarters in Saveres where the reception of the paintings and the organization of the exhibition  will take place. (See details of information in the  Regulation)

The International Children's Painting Biennale is supported by the Médiathèque de Savères and the Bérat Image Son Photo Club.

The responsibles :

For the Médiathèque : Legal Manager, Mr. Joseph Toffolon, Mayor of Savères

Head of Animation and Management and your new contact : Mrs. Martine Massias (Please add this email in your contacts) 

For the Bérat Image and Sound Photo Club: Responsible  Mr. William Massias, President


Savères is 27 km from the Saint-Frajou Painting Museum and 48 km from Toulouse.


5 ° International Biennial of Children's Painting - March 28 to April 10, 2020     Subject - My Friend Tree

                                                                 Opening April 4  2020 at 18h


                                                                                              Subject   2020 


                                                          My friend tree

                                                     Draw your favorite tree, or a tree you'd like to have, or a tree story



The Biennial is open to any child between the ages ot 6 to 14.  It is divided into two age groups : 

one for children age  6 to 9 and  another for children age 10 to 14. 


 1. Each child is allowed to send only one painting.    
2. Medium : oil, acrylic, watercolor, gouache or pastel.
3. Support : paper
4. Maximum size : 34 x 40 cm.
5. Please put the following information on the back of each painting : name of artist, age and address.
6. Work will be accepted : Starting Novemeber  first 2019 and until March 10, 2020
7. Please send work by poste office to :
    Mme. Martine Massias
      20 route de la Bernèze
      31370 SAVERES
    Contact : Mme. Martine Massias :
 8. We ask teachers to limit children's works at 20 maximum.

We are also pleased to remind you that all the children will receive a certificate of participation

and the prize winners a trophy or medal. 

9. The prizes to be awarded are the following :
First Prize
Second Prize
Third Prize
First Mention
Second Mention
Saveres Town hall Award
Saint-Frajou Museum Award
Museum Friends Award
Saint-Frajou Town hall Award
Award graphic
Composition Prize
Prize for creativity
Jury Prize
Adult Public Award
Children Public Award (in France)
The Municipal Museum of Painting of Saint-Frajou  would like to keep all works participating in the    
Biennial for the "Pinacoteca of Children's Painting, so please send the following authorisation signed    
by parent or guardian.


I hereby authorize the Museum of Painting in St. Frajou,

France, to keep the work of


........... for it's Pinacoteca of Children's Painting.

date ........................



Registration form

Note : veuillez remplir les champs marqués d'un *.

Mascot of the Bienial 2020

                                                                    Melina Cala, 13 ans, Berati, Albanie




All paintings are kept in the museum's Pinacoteca and a selection is permanently on display .

31230 Saint-Frajou, France

Saint-Frajou is located in the Comminges,
35 km north-east of Saint-Gaudens and 7 km from l'Isle-en-Dodon.
The painting museum of Saint-Frajou is at the location of
the old communal school, in the center of the village, very close to the
main square and the town hall.


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