Musée de Peinture de Saint-Frajou

Opening of the pages of the 5th Biennial on April 4, 2020

Subject - My Friend Tree

In order to stop the spread of Coronavirus and following the multiple measures taken in France, the exhibition in Saverès is postponed.



Musée de peinture SAINT FRAJOU

Médiathèque Municipale SAVERES

Club Photos BIS BERAT

Mascot of the Bienial 2020

                                                                    Melina Cala, 13 ans, Berati, Albanie




All paintings are kept in the museum's Pinacoteca and a selection is permanently on display .

31230 Saint-Frajou, France

Saint-Frajou is located in the Comminges,
35 km north-east of Saint-Gaudens and 7 km from l'Isle-en-Dodon.
The painting museum of Saint-Frajou is at the location of
the old communal school, in the center of the village, very close to the
main square and the town hall.


              Biennale 2012                                                      

              Biennale 2014

              Biennale 2016                                                                                  Concours mascotte 2015  

              Biennale 2018                                                                                  Concours mascotte 2017


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